Trackars Healthcare principally delivers services to Health Trusts and providers with competent and confident staff to fulfil acute settings.

Our handpicked team emanates from various specialist nursing and care disciplines, with extensive medical training, exemplary track records and professional know-how.

All too often families are faced with destabilising hospital admissions, a permanent nursing home or possible residential care, which can turn lives upside down.

We offer people a much more personal option: the option to stay in their own home with highly experienced, qualified nurses or carers looking after them on a one to one basis.

We’ve seen our clients thrive in such circumstances, they have their independence, their dignity and their health needs met. As a family, you have peace of mind that you’re loved one is safe and happy – in their own home.

We tailor our services to fit around you and your life.

Our goal is to help you live life to the full, by retaining your independence and individuality safely. Clients are happier that they’re staying at home and families have peace of mind, seeing them where they are happiest.


Trackars are a tight-knit, individually chosen team. We only take on the best.

Every applicant is police-checked and undergoes annual training to ensure they’re always at the top of their game.

We care as much about our staff as we do about our clients. And that means that we aim to bring out the very best in you: to encourage you to be the best that you can be: your best self! We offer continuous professional development with access to numerous free courses.

We cover everything from Infection Control to Food Hygiene, Dementia Awareness to Administration of Medication for Care Staff and Nurses, Revalidation, Respiratory Management and QCF Level 2, 3 and 5 in Health and Social Care.

Patricia Casement

Patricia Casement

Managing Director

Patricia is accountable for the safe provision of care to Trackars clients, the compliancy of staff recruitment and the day to day legal and financial control of the organisation.

Her ethos is to enhance independence, safety, dignity and healing for all individuals Trackars comes in contact with. The diligent Homecare and Recruitment teams; both within the office and front line staff; make Trackars mission a reality.

Patricia Casement

Niamh Conaty

General Manager

As General Manager, Niamh oversees the management of the companies’ operations and staff across the organisations and areas in which the company operates.

Niamh ensures communication lines are patent 24/7, Health Board and RQIA regulation correspondence is submitted in a timely fashion. Niamh has spearheaded the company’s progression in developing efficient processes and custom CRM systems.

Patricia Casement

Mary Collins

Registered Nurse Manager

Mary is Trackars Registered Nurse Manager with RQIA to provide Nursing Services.

Mary is a Registered Nurse, formally employed as a Registered Manager for Domiciliary Services and Nursing Services. She regularly assesses the quality and compliance of nursing staff and ensures Trackars complex client contracts are delivered fully by competent, specially trained staff.

Patricia Casement

Joanna Nelson

Training Manager

Joanna is Trackars Training Manager and is responsible for the design, implementation and delivery of learning programmes for our staff.

Joanna ensures that these learning programmes are in line with regulatory requirements.  With over 6 years’ experience in this role, Joanna has a strong commitment to providing a safe, comfortable and secure learning environment to support staff in reaching their full potential.