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Thank You Cleaners, Housekeepers & Garbage Collectors


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How to keep a Healthy Mind


Good morning all, we hope everyone is keeping safe and well in this madness that we are in the middle of right now. It’s extremely difficult to get away from all things Coronavirus at the moment whether it’s watching it on TV, reading about it in newspapers, hearing about it on the radio and looking […]

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trackarshealthcare We honestly can’t stress enough how vital is it to ensure we are washing our hands as often and as thorough as possible. COVID19 is transported via droplets and if we touch our mouth, nose or eyes with unclean heads, then we are putting ourselves at a much higher risk of catching this virus! […]

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Oldies but the goodies


Sharing some inspirational words I heard at a conference recently…. Originally, golf balls were smooth; but golfers noticed that older balls that were beat up with nicks, bumps and slices seemed to fly farther. Therefore, the beat-up balls became the standard issue. This is true for us, the challenges and ‘rough’ patches that we go […]

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